Year in Review: 2017

Tuesday, December 12th, 2017

2017 was an exciting year for home improvement and remodeling. As a company that specializes in helping homeowners remodel their bathrooms, fireplaces foyers and kitchens, we were excited to see the many trends that emerged this year and made their way into different homes. At AAA Hellenic, we are always ready to adapt trends to each of our client’s individual personalities and styles! With the new year just around the corner, let’s review some of our favorite trends and highlights of 2017:

Design-focused entrances: Your foyer is the first area that people see when they enter your home, so it makes sense that homeowners were taking more time to think about the design of their entrance. The materials you use for your foyer can change the expectation of what the rest of your home will look like, and can make an ordinary room more upscale!

Dual-purpose spaces: In the eco-friendly nature of today’s world, many people are trying to make the most out of the spaces they already have. This means more homeowners added functional islands and wet bars to their kitchens for more low-maintenance entertaining and activity.

Tiles: For bathroom renovations, tiles took the lead in 2017. People experimented and used more porcelain tile to give their home a more modern look, and textured tile for a more relaxed, tranquil feel. Some even turned their bathrooms into personal spas using pebbled tile! Our professionals are equipped with the knowledge and skill to help you pick a tile that will help you achieve the ambiance you desire.

Taking on these trends and working with our wonderful clients was the highlight of our year. We look forward to the New Year and can’t wait to see what trends will surface in 2018! The year isn’t over yet though, and there is still time to give us a call at (610) 344-7700 for your remodeling needs!

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Creating More Space in Your Kitchen

Thursday, November 30th, 2017

If you are a homeowner who hosts family and friends for the holidays, your kitchen is one of the most important spaces in your home. You need counter space for preparation, a place for guests to hang out during cooking, and somewhere to hold all of the food once meals are finished cooking. Now that Thanksgiving is over and other holidays are just around the corner, you can reflect on ways you may need to change your kitchen to create more space for these events. Here are a few ways to do so:

  • Hang pots and pans: Installing hooks for hanging pots and pans creates more cabinet and drawer space for other items that you would normally use counter space for. Hanging your pots and pans also adds style to your kitchen with a new look!
  • Add an island: While you may be out of space for extra countertops along the walls, you can add another food prep station, designated serving space and extra storage by adding an island to your kitchen. A kitchen island can also become a hangout hub and even an eating nook with added bar stools, keeping guests out of the cooking area. Our experts can help you remodel your countertops with an added island for a beautiful, uniform look.
  • Utilize your backsplash: Create additional space on your countertops by using your backsplash for storage. Install hooks for hanging baskets or shelving for items you use most frequently like spices, oils and utensils. If you don’t have a backsplash, now is the time to get one! Our specialists can help you pick the perfect backsplash to fit your kitchen’s style.
  • Upgrade appliances: If you find that you’re having to frequently rearrange items in your fridge to make room for others or have to bake things one at a time, upgrading your appliances to have more inside storage will save you from stress throughout the holidays!

If you are planning a kitchen renovation this holiday season to create more space, contact us today at (610) 344-7700 to speak with one of our specialists about our large selection of stone and tile products.

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What’s on Your Wish List?

Monday, November 13th, 2017

The holiday season is finally here! We know how busy the next few months can be with gift shopping, hosting family and friends, and holiday dinners. However, it is important to remember to take some time for yourself and consider your own wish list as we head into November.

Often when thinking about our home, we want to impress guests, the neighbors or potential buyers. As the current resident, though, you are the one who sees your home every day. Your home should look the way you’d like it to be! Think about what you’ve always wanted in your kitchen, bathroom and living areas and decide what is on your wish list this holiday season. For instance:

Foyer: This is the first area in your home that you and guests see each time you walk in. Your foyer is the first impression of your home! Does it look the way you’d like it to, or has it simply become a place to toss your shoes and coat when you come home? It may be time to add a foyer remodel to your wish list, complete with custom tile!

Fireplace: Now that we are in the midst of the holidays, are you dreaming about a beautiful, warm fireplace to make the season cozy? Imagine all of the potential memories created huddling around the warmth of a customized fireplace! Add a new fireplace to your wish list now to set the tone for the holidays! We can help with custom surrounds and more.

Countertops: Why have boring countertops when yo

u can transform the entire look of your kitchen by replacing them? Add new countertops to your wish list this season to have the cooking and prep space you’ve always wanted! With new countertops, you can make your kitchen look and feel more upscale while increasing the value of your home.

This holiday season, let AAA Hellenic make your wishes come true. If you’re looking for the perfect foyer, fireplace or countertop materials and installation, give us a call at (610) 344-7700 to speak with one of our experts.

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Why Install a Backsplash?

Wednesday, October 25th, 2017

Many kitchens come with a kitchen in which the wall meets the countertop without a backsplash. If you aren’t familiar, a backslash is a vertical extension of the counter onto the wall, though they are not always the same material as the counter.

If you’re planning a kitchen remodel and aren’t sure about whether you’ll want to add a backsplash or not, consider these benefits:

  • A kitchen that stands out: Whether you’re having friends and family over or putting your house on the market, a kitchen with beautiful counters and a stylish backsplash will stand out and give your home a cohesive, upscale look.
  • Options: Adding a backsplash doesn’t mean you need the standard, 4-inch option. Many people choose to cover the entire wall space above their counters, stove and sink. A backsplash also allows you to personalize your space more, and can even brighten and change the look of your entire kitchen.
  • Protects from damage: The most common reason people choose to include a backsplash in their kitchen is because of the many spills and splatters than can ruin your wall over time. Around the sink, water splashes can create small stains. Near the stove, you run the risk of splattered food and tough grease. On the counter, you may even have food fall behind spaces between the counter and wall, potentially attracting critters and smells. A backsplash can prevent all of those situations, and is an easier surface to clean, without worrying about ruining paint!

AAA Hellenic Marble & Tile has skilled craftsman and a large selection of materials guaranteed to transform your home! Whether you’re remodeling and in need of an entirely revitalized counter, or simply want to add a backsplash to your existing space, we can help. If you’re ready to increase the life of your kitchen wall and add a backsplash this month, call us at (610) 344-7700.

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Eco-Friendly Kitchen Redecorating

Wednesday, October 11th, 2017

More and more in our everyday lives we are aiming to lower our impact on the environment. From carrying reusable water bottles to simply turning off the water while brushing our teeth, small changes can add up to help the earth. There are also many small changes we can make within our homes to reduce waste that also happen to double as décor options! If you plan on revitalizing your kitchen this year, consider these eco-friendly décor tips:

  • Mason Jars: The use of mason jars for DIY décor has become incredibly popular in recent years. For your kitchen, you can use mason jars to replace plastic storage bags and for drinks on the go, but they can also turn your kitchen into a rustic-looking, decluttered space. Remember, you can weigh your jars and take them with you for a package-free trip to the bulk section of the grocery store!
  • Reusable dish rags: Why spend money on sponges that carry germs and need to be replaced often when you can clean your dishes with cloths you can wash right at home? Use less material by purchasing dish rags that fit the style of your kitchen. They will look nice, and you will spend less by not using as many paper towels and disposable sponges.
  • Energy-efficient appliances: If you’re ready to replace your outdated refrigerator or dishwasher, opt for an energy efficient option. These options are great for the environment and your electric bill, but they also come in different styles to fit your décor.
  • Low VOC paint: The easiest way to change the entire look of a room is to paint it. When choosing your paint color, look for one with a little to no VOC (volatile organic compounds) content. Low VOC paint is better for both your health and the atmosphere! Of course if you’re painting, it may also be time for a new countertop or backsplash, and we can help match your style.

While these are just small changes you can make in your kitchen, you can always look for similar options for other areas of your home. If you are remodeling your kitchen, contact us today at (610) 344-7700 to speak with one of our specialists about our large selection of stone and tile products.

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So, you’ve finally gotten around to finishing your kitchen and bathroom renovations. October is around the corner, and you’re still not satisfied with the way your home looks. You might be wondering, “Now What?” Often, we complete projects that change the entire look of our home (for the better!), and realize that now none of our décor matches with the rest of the house. If you need some quick fixes to unify the look of your home, here are a few:

Color Scheme: By changing the color scheme of items in your home, you can change the entire look! Items that can be easily switched out through the seasons include towels, rugs, bedding and curtains. This fall, try adding darker colors that accent your flooring and counters.

Lighting: Changing some of the lighting fixtures in your home makes a big difference. For instance, low hanging lights over dining areas or kitchen islands can create a more comfortable and cozy atmosphere. In a room with ceiling fans that feature a harsh overhead light, try adding floor lamps that you can set to your exact preference. If you have darker flooring and countertops in your bathroom, you can install lighting around the mirror to make the room appear more open.

Wall Art: If you have frames on your artwork that matched the previous style of your home, switch them out for new ones. If your walls are bare, look for pieces that will match your renovation. This could be artwork and family photos, or even something as simple as a wall clock or shelving. Take a photo or sample of counter and floor colors for your frame shop to match or accent.

Other small items can be added to change the feel of your home as well, such as plants, candles, books and ceramics.

If you still haven’t started your remodel but are ready to today, contact AAA Hellenic Marble & Tile at (610) 344-7700 to speak with one of our specialists!

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Get Projects Done Now for Holiday Enjoyment

Tuesday, September 5th, 2017


Have you been planning a kitchen or bathroom renovation but keep putting it off? September is the month to get that project started. The holidays are approaching, and they always have a way of sneaking up on us. After September, you’ll have a holiday every month until the end of the year, meaning family and friends coming and going, shopping to do and travel plans. Whether you’ll be too busy to complete an endeavor or need to get it done in time to impress guests, start now to enjoy your home more this fall and winter.

If you’re thinking of renovating your kitchen and are ready to take the leap this September, imagine the upcoming holidays. Does your floor attract dirt and scuff marks easily? Is it tough to see and remove food from your countertops? Is there enough space for preparing holiday meals or laying out food for guests? These are questions that you may not worry about during the summer months, but will need to address soon, and we can help. Be sure to ask about our different countertop and flooring options, and how we can help you customize them for your specific needs!

Aside from your kitchen, the downstairs bathroom is perhaps the most important area of your home, whether you use it or not. If you are having family over or a party this holiday season, you’ll be pointing guests in that direction! A newly renovated bathroom will show how much you care about your home by making sure all aspects look great. Custom countertops and flooring consistent with the rest of your home will create a charming, balanced look. When paired with artwork and an ornate mirror, your bathroom is transformed into something more.

AAA Hellenic Marble & Tile has skilled craftsman and a large selection of materials guaranteed to transform your home! If you’re ready to get your project finished this month, call us at (610) 344-7700.

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Despite what you may think, taking time out for yourself is not selfish or self-indulgent.  Research shows that people who regularly and intentionally set aside at least 20 minutes a day to take care of themselves lead happier, healthier, more balanced lives, which in turn positively affects personal relationships. If you don’t take care of yourself due to a misplaced sense of guilt, make the change today. Take the time to do something you love, or try out one of these ideas: 

  • Splurge on a massage. Most people don’t realize that our bodies live in a constant state of tension, with tightness in the muscles and stiffness in other parts of the body. If you have ever been fortunate enough to get a full-body massage, you know what complete and total relaxation feels like. It’s something that everybody who has ever been stressed should experience, so if it’s been awhile since you’ve focused on your own well-being, a massage is the perfect place to start.
  • Take a breath of fresh air. It’s amazing how quickly a little time outdoors can boost the spirits. Whether you prefer to take a brisk walk or find a quiet spot to clear your head or read a good book, time spent outdoors is never wasted.
  • Listen to upbeat music. Music does wonders for the soul. Lively music with a cheerful beat is sure to get the toes tapping, even if you’re tone-deaf or can’t carry a tune in a bucket. Upbeat music can improve even the sourest of moods, so if you’re feeling down, make sure you’re listening to the right music.
  • Check out something cute and fuzzy. As silly as it may sound, looking at pictures of adorable baby animals is a great way to raise the spirits. Add in some funny videos of lovable pets, and you have the perfect combination to make you feel warm and fuzzy in no time.
  • Move your workout outdoors. Exercise is an excellent stress reliever. But rather than staying chained to a stationary bike or treadmill, take your workout outside! Find a nearby trail to ride or jog on, and use the opportunity to enjoy the scenery and take in the world around you. Exercising outdoors is great for your mental health, especially if you’re feeling angry or depressed.

Another way to focus on you is by making the space around you beautiful. If you are ready to upgrade your kitchen or bathroom countertops or transform a dull fireplace into a thing of beauty, contact AAA Hellenic Marble & Tile at 610-344-7700.

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With summer vacation winding down and more and more students heading back to school, it’s time to start the shift from long nights and late breakfasts to the early morning rush of the school year. If you want to make your life a little easier this school year, follow these tips for making a smooth transition into the school routine. 

    • Prepare the night before. A little prep the night before can make a huge difference on a busy morning. Help the kids gather together all their essential school items the night before: lay out clothes, set out shoes and socks, and make sure important papers and homework are put into backpacks. To make breakfast move a little faster, go ahead and set the table, and set out cereal boxes and other breakfast items that don’t need refrigerated.


    • Write down the family schedule. With work and school schedules, sports practices, and after-school activities to coordinate, family life can quickly become stressful and hectic. To help keep everybody in the loop, hang a family calendar in the kitchen. A white board calendar makes it easy to add and make changes as necessary – just make sure it’s kept out of the reach of little hands that can erase important information in one quick swipe!


    • Plan out big school projects. This doesn’t refer to doing the project for your child – it simply means that you help them map out what supplies are needed and when certain parts of the project need to be completed. This will help you avoid a late-night run to the store for glitter or posterboard. Also make sure to reference the family calendar when coordinating the project to help avoid conflicts with other activities.


  • Control the paperwork. Piles of homework papers, practice sheets, informational flyers, and pieces of artwork will quickly bury your beautiful kitchen countertops. Try to keep only the important stuff, like tests, grade cards, and progress reports. Sort through artwork and let your kids choose one or two of their favorites pieces to display, then store the rest in a closet or desk.

If your kitchen cabinets or countertops stand in desperate need of an upgrade, AAA Hellenic Marble & Tile has the best materials and the most experienced craftsmen and installers in the West Chester area. Give us a call today at 610-344-7700, and we will help transform your ugly, utilitarian kitchen countertops into a thing of beauty.

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If you’re like most people, by the time July rolls around, the lofty resolutions you set back in January have fizzled out like fireworks on the Fourth. Fortunately, July is the perfect time to pick yourself up, reassess the goals you made six months ago, and come up with a plan to accomplish them!

Whether your resolutions had to do with getting your body – or your home – back on track, let’s take a look at where things often go wrong when making New Year’s resolutions, and what you can do this July to avoid the same mistakes.

The January Problem: Allowing leftover holiday treats and goodies to sabotage your efforts to get back in shape.

The July Solution: Separate yourself from unhealthy foods. Make a fresh start by clearing out sugary treats, junk food, soft drinks and anything else you want to avoid, then resolve not to bring them into your home again. After all, it’s much easier to resist temptation when you’re hit with a sudden craving if you have to drive to the store to get what you want instead of merely walking to the pantry.

The January Problem: Biting off more than you can chew.

The July Solution: Take it one step at a time. Oftentimes we get a little ahead of ourselves when it comes to making resolutions. You hit the ground running in January full of optimism, sure that this is the year you will finally get your house decluttered, only to get overwhelmed by the enormity of the task and give up. Instead, decide what you want to end result to be, and break that one big goal into several more manageable smaller goals that are not as intimidating. For example, start by cleaning out and organizing a closet, and use the sense of accomplishment you get from that to stay motivated as you move on to the next goal.

The January Problem: Going it alone.

The July Solution: Create your own fan club. Everybody needs support when going through a tough time, and nothing is tougher than trying to kick a habit that it’s ingrained in you, such as drinking, smoking, or overeating. So put together a support team that can not only keep you motivated, but also help in other ways such as avoiding smoking around you or not inviting you out for drinks.

The January Problem: Being too hard on yourself.

The July Solution: Keep on trying. Don’t let the fact that you failed before stop you from trying again. And this time, to make it a little easier, take the time to give yourself a little reward along the way. Lost a couple pounds this week? Celebrate by going to a movie. Cleaned out the shed in the backyard that you’ve been meaning to get to for years? Allow yourself to take a day off to relax. Go on a hike, spend the day watching movies with your kids, or spend time with your favorite person. It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as you give yourself a reward to look forward to once you reach your goal.

If one of your resolutions this year was to freshen up your outdated kitchen, our skilled craftsmen at AAA Hellenic Marble & Tile have the custom solutions you need to make it stand out. Just give us a call today at 610-344-7700 to schedule a free in-home estimate, or stop by our showroom at your convenience.

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